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who we are and how we serve

Lions Club International

Shiner Lions Club

Your generous contributions go toward various community service projects. For instance, we provide eye glasses for children that can’t afford them and offer free eye screenings through our local schools with specialized Eye Gazing equipment. We also sponsor kids with special needs who want to attend the Texas Lions Camp. The camp is a residential camping facility for children with physical disabilities, type 1 diabetes and cancer. There are kids from all over Texas attending the camp with the goal of introducing the “Can Do” attitude to children dealing with special medical conditions.

A portion of last year’s Music Fest proceeds went to purchase a gate trainer for a local child with Rett Syndrome. Prior to the gate trainer, she was not able to walk independently.  


Helping people in the community makes the countless volunteer hours worthwhile for the Shiner Lions Club members.

For more information about our community service projects and information about joining Lions Club International, please visit our Facebook page.

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